Exploring Lunch Spots around NEXTHUB ~ from Tokyo Station to Nihonbashi Station: Affordable and Delicious Japanese Cuisine and more!

Hello, everyone. The bustling city of Tokyo is home to countless restaurants and cafes. Today, I want to introduce you to Japanese lunch spots located between Tokyo Station and Nihonbashi Station. This area is packed with commercial facilities, offering a wide variety of reasonably priced and delicious lunch spots. From among these, we’ve selected some particularly recommended Japanese cuisine for lunch.


GOOD COFFEE FARMS Cafe & Bar – Sustainable Coffee

Photo by Yuichi Kori

Lunch Price Range : 600〜1200 JPY

For coffee lovers, not only do they want to drink delicious coffee, but they also want to care about the coffee producers and the environment. For those who feel that way, we recommend “GOOD COFFEE FARMS Cafe & Bar”, which opened in Tokyo’s Nihonbashi on October 1, 2022.

“GOOD COFFEE FARMS” is a company led by Carlos Meren, who is from Guatemala, and they trade directly with small-scale coffee producers who produce about 70% of the world’s coffee. They cultivate high-quality green coffee beans in a way that minimizes environmental impact, and deliver them to roasters and consumers in Japan and around the world.

“GOOD COFFEE FARMS” opened its first physical store in Nihonbashi with the aim of increasing the contact points between producers and consumers. Here, they not only offer drinks and food made with their own cultivated coffee beans, but also convey the story and voice of the coffee. They also strive to maintain and improve the quality by delivering feedback from consumers to producers.

Menu available at the Nihonbashi store At “GOOD COFFEE FARMS Cafe & Bar”, you can enjoy drinks and food made with their own cultivated coffee beans. The drinks range from filter coffee to espresso drinks and Americano, as well as original menu items with cascara syrup. They also plan to introduce seasonal drinks.

The food includes cheesecake and vegan sweets, as well as authentic burritos. They taste even better when paired with coffee.

Store information “GOOD COFFEE FARMS Cafe & Bar” is located about a 3-minute walk from Nihonbashi Station. The seating capacity is 20 seats (including 3 standing tables), and all seats are non-smoking. The business hours are 8:00-21:00.

Menu from Good Coffee Farms Cafe & Bar

Address : 3-1-3, Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Google Map :

Daiana / 大穴 〜 Anago・Kushiyaki・Sushi Sakaba

Photo by Yuichi Kori

Lunch Price Range : 1000 JPY

In the heart of Tokyo, Nihonbashi, a pub called “Eel(Anago) Paradise” is attracting attention from local gourmet enthusiasts. The charm of this place is undoubtedly the variety of dishes made with fresh eel. In particular, eel skewers and sushi are constantly attracting repeat customers due to their rich taste.

Moreover, this restaurant is open during lunchtime, and its menu is worth a look. Lunchtime is from 11:30 to 14:00, and during this time, the “Hearty Lunch” with free rice refills is popular. Among them, the “Beef Sukiyaki Set Meal” and “Homemade Char Siu Egg Set Meal” are particularly well-received. In addition, a “Yurinchi (Chinese-style fried chicken) Set Meal” is also offered for a limited time.

This restaurant also has a good selection of private rooms, making it possible to hold banquets for up to 42 people. Therefore, it is reputed to be easy to use for large drinking parties or second parties.

Furthermore, there is a special benefit of earning Rakuten points when making a reservation online. Therefore, it adds further appeal for Rakuten users.

In this way, “Eel Paradise” is a beloved restaurant that offers delicious food and a comfortable space. Why not consider visiting it for your next lunch or drinking party?

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